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If you are skiing, water rafting, snowboarding, or performing any other outdoor activity and want to capture your adventure while your camera is angled at ground level, an action camera body mount is your go-to camera mount. Comfortably wearing a body mount and the camera positioned around your chest, you will be able to record first-person point-of-view footage of your adventures hands-free, while you are fully engaged in the action. Body mounts are preferable to head mounts when you need a smooth recording. As your head is bound to move from side to side, it’s always impossible to have quality recordings with head mounts. In contrast, the area around your chest is relatively steady, making it a preferable spot to mount action cameras.
Our action camera body mounts are made of stretchable nylon or polyester and have buckles made of strong polycarbonate plastic. They all feature a 4 point adjustment harness that allows you to adjust the mounts any way you like so that they snugly and comfortably fit you no matter your size. Each action camera body mount comes with a j-hook mount, which is compatible with most action cameras.
Most of our action camera body mounts have the following common characteristics:
Durable: The harnesses that hold the mounts and the mounts themselves are sturdy and strong enough to protect your expensive action camera from breaking loose and getting damaged or, even worse, lost in the midst of your actions. The straps on all of our action camera body mounts are either made of nylon or polyester. Both nylon and polyester are sturdy and durable, making them preferable for making outdoor sportswear. The buckles and the mounts are either made of strong polycarbonate plastic, stainless steel metal, or aluminum.

Comfortable: You can wear the mounts without strain or discomfort. The mounts can easily be adjusted to fit a wide range of body sizes. No matter your size, the mounts in this collection can snugly fit you.

Compatible: The mounts come with an adapter, making them compatible with most action cameras.

Stable platform: The mounts can adequately support your action camera so that it won’t wobble and affect the quality of the videos, enabling you to have a smooth recording.

Easy to use: With the j-hooks the mounts come with, you can easily mount and unmount your action camera. With the quick-release buckles, it’s also easy to get in and out of the mounts in an instant.

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