Action Camera Accessories Kit



An action camera accessories kit is really important when you don’t know what kind of accessory you will need in different situations. It gives you ample flexibility to mount your action camera. It also saves you the time and effort needed to find accessories one by one every time you need one.
This accessories kit comes with 50 accessories that you will find absolutely necessary depending on the type of activity you want to record.
The adapters and connectors in the kit enable you to attach your camera to virtually anything—a selfie stick, a tripod, a head mount, a body mount, etc. This gives your action camera universal compatibility. You can take your action camera with you wherever you wish to go without the limitation imposed by a lack of accessories. Want to go hiking. Go. You have the body mount ready to mount your action camera on your chest so that you can record the entire hiking experience hands-free. If your mood is biking, grab the bike handlebar mount to mount your action camera on your bike and capture first-person POV footage of your biking adventure.
Simply put, you will find every accessory you will ever need for every scenario in which you would use your action camera. You will never wait to take part in any outdoor activity until a necessary accessory order arrives.
The accessories in this kit are compatible with all GoPro Hero series cameras and most other action cameras, including DJI.
Below are some of the accessories included in the kit and their respective uses.
Body Mount: A body mount is the most stable mount system when compared to other body-based mount systems, such as head mounts. You will need body mounts to record your activities hands-free while the camera is angled at ground level. It’s better used in outdoor activities such as snowboarding, hiking, and biking.
Head Mount: You will use the head mount in situations where a body mount is not preferable.
Camera Bag: A Camera bag comes in handy when you want to pack your action camera and the required accessories in a secure and organized manner when backpacking, traveling, etc.
Suction Mount: The suction mount enables you to record road sceneries with your action camera while driving in the countryside. It can rotate 180 degrees to offer you a wide range of angles.
Floating Grip Handle: With your action camera attached, the floating grip handle keeps your camera afloat when you are not recording during scuba diving and snorkeling. Due to its bright color, the floating grip handle can be easily spotted from anywhere and retrieved. Having the floating grip handle attached to your camera, you will never fear losing your camera sinking underwater. It will always stays afloat on the surface of the water.
Octopus Mini Tripod: The octopus mini tripod easily converts your action camera into a vlogging camera. It can also be used to mount your action camera on any rod or bar. With the octopus mini tripod, you can mount your action camera on a bike. However, a dedicated bike handlebar mount is included in the accessory kit, making the tripod unnecessary in this case.
Clip Mount: This mount enables you to clip-mount your GoPro action camera on anything—on the table, on the fence, etc.—giving you unlimited mounting options.
Selfie Stick: If you ever want to take selfies with your GoPro, you can use the selfie stick that comes with the kit.
Different Adapters and Connectors: The kit includes different styles of mount adapters, connectors, and screws to attach your action camera to a wide range of mounting surfaces.

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