Bag for GoPro



Specially designed for GoPro Hero 9 and 10 action cameras, this easy-to-carry, waterproof, shockproof, and compact GoPro bag is large enough to snugly and securely store your GoPro and its accessories. Its compartmentalized and shockproof design ensures that there are no collisions or bumps among the items inside.
The GoPro bag has a two-way double zipper for quick and easy opening and closing of the bag, a unique plastic handle, and an extra attachable/detachable strap that you can use should the circumstances necessitate. The strap can easily be adjusted to fit any body size. Thanks to its nylon webbing, it’s also non-slip, meaning it won’t slide around your body, forcing you to readjust it every now and then.
Product Specifications
Color: Gray
Material: PU Lycra
Net Weight: 485 g
Size: 240x215x80 mm


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