GoPro Hero 10 Case



Made of skin-soft, hard-to-deform silicone, this GoPro Hero case protects your camera from dust, smudges, scratches, and damage from accidental drops without adding much extra weight to your camera—silicone means lightweight but strong. The case securely and snugly fits your camera, which eliminates scratches from wobbling and shocks and safely protects your camera. The silicone the case is made of traps heat during cold conditions, improving the camera’s battery life.

It has enough openings to allow you to connect accessories with your GoPro and access to the camera’s buttons and front & back screens. You don’t have to remove the case every time you want to connect an accessory to the GoPro. Its lanyard enables you to easily carry your camera and hang it on any vertical surface. It also enables you to wear the GoPro around your neck. It can be easily removed when you don’t need it.

The case comes with a lens cap to protect your camera lens from scratches and smudges.

It is compatible with GoPro Hero 9/10/11 action cameras.


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