GoPro Hero 10 Filters



As you dive deep into the ocean, the natural coloring of the underwater world changes as some wavelengths (including red) of sunlight cannot penetrate after a certain depth, making everything look like bluish. Red lens filters enable you to restore the lost colors so that you can capture the underwater environment in its true colors.
The GoPro Hero 10 filters come with three filters with three different colors: light red, red, and magenta. You will use them depending on the depth and color of the water that you dive into. The light red filter restores blue color in shallow waters, while the red filter restores blue color in the deep ocean. If the water body is greenish, you can use the magenta filter to restore the green color in deep waters.
The GoPro filters are easy to install and remove and have a lanyard hole to secure the filters with a lanyard.
Color: Light red + red + magenta
Size: 12.5×10.5×5 cm
Weight: 32 g
Waterproof depth: 45-50 meters
Material: Transparent PU and tempered glass


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